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Tess Steryos and Bill Tzimas are the proud owners of Stocked Food Store and they pride themselves on stocking the best delicatessen ingredients; everything from locally produced goods to European classics. Bill also owns Bill’s Farm at Queen Victoria Market and Tess has worked in the industry for many years including owning Delicatess at Prahran Market. Their wealth of knowledge is second to none when it comes to the best extra virgin olive oils, farmhouse cheeses, imported jamon or antipasti.

In their in-house kitchen at the rear of the store, chefs work tirelessly to produce top quality food using local and seasonal ingredients. The range is immense; from their popular pies and pasties to hearty winter soups, crisp summer salads and meal solutions such as meatballs, lasagne, freshly cut sandwiches, crumbed free-range chicken tenderloins, the ever-popular salmon patties and desserts such as fruit crumble and sticky date puddings, as well as old-fashioned favourite cakes & slices.

The kitchen uses only free-range chicken and eggs, they make all their own stocks (which you can purchase too), a variety of soups throughout winter, bearnaise sauce and demi-glaze and even croutons for your soup.

The kitchen and its team of chefs are also responsible for most of the unique deli items such as the rare roasted beef, honey glazed hams, roast pork and turkeys, char-grilled eggplant and zucchini, honey carrots and duck liver pate, all made on site.

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